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Some examples include movies, cloud storage, and same-day delivery, to name a few. Amazon Prime membership is offered in three-month and yearly memberships, both of which are accessible at a subsidized rate. There are several inconsistencies with Amazon Prime to consider as well. If you’re a student or a consumer, it’s a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of Amazon Prime Membership before committing to a subscription.

The benefits of Amazon Prime membership include improved access and premium features. Since 2005, Amazon has offered a premium membership service to its customers. Amazon prime now has over 200 million Prime members, a 25 percent increase over the previous year. The whole concept behind the premium plans is to give better services to the community members. Amazon prime also provides a 30-day free trial period before purchase, allowing you to evaluate the advantages of an Amazon Prime membership before making a decision.

What are the Advantages of Amazon Prime Membership?

Over 200 million people have used the website’s features, and the number is continuing to climb daily. The widespread popularity of the website has contributed to Jeff Bezos’ ascension to the top of the list of the world’s wealthiest individuals. As a frequent Amazon customer, you may take advantage of various Amazon Prime membership Subscription perks.

1. Free gaming content and books

There are hundreds of free books available that you may read for information or as a recreational activity. A new function has been introduced for gaming enthusiasts that allows them to download free vouchers and power-ups for their favorite games. These items are paid tools and books that the consumer may get just by subscribing to Amazon’s Prime service.

2. Free Faster Delivery

Amazon Prime members are entitled to free one-day or two-day shipping, generally charged at a higher rate to non-prime members. On the other hand, these services are provided at no charge to members. In addition, if you buy even a few goods from Amazon, the membership is well worth your time.

3. Amazon Prime Video

This is particularly remarkable since television viewers can watch their favorite programs and movies for free. As with YouTube, the proper means to view a film necessitates the purchase of the film in question. But even with that, there are plenty of movies accessible to view for free, as well as Amazon originals that are only available on Amazon Prime.

4. Early offers and Deals

Non-members will access the hottest bargains and offer 30 minutes before members. So that members may take advantage of the bargains before they are entirely depleted since many individuals would make it impossible otherwise. You may, however, make use of the full range of Amazon Prime membership benefits, including eligibility for sizzling bargains and flash specials. What are the Disadvantages of Amazon Prime?

Amazon, the online retail behemoth, does not need any acclaim; it continuously grows its operations globally. Prime relies primarily on online buyers, even though it has created millions of jobs in the software industry and delivery partners.

1. It’s for frequent shoppers

The perks given to Prime members are limited to purchases made on Amazon. Things purchased from other websites may not be accessible at a discount, and the advantages are only available online. If you don’t buy much from Amazon or watch many movies/shows, the membership may not be worth it.

2. Auto-Renewal

The website keeps your Debit Card/Credit Card details and charges you automatically on the renewal date if you choose a free trial or a paid membership. To prevent automatic charges on your account, you must cancel the auto-renewal.

3. Other Website Options

The membership perks are only available on the website, and the goal is to entice users to return to Amazon. When you shop on one website, you miss out on the millions of other things available. Even though Amazon has billions of goods, items are available at lower costs on local websites and dealers.

What is the new price of Prime?

The new price of Prime membership is as shown below.

Plan New Price
Monthly ₹ 179
Quarterly ₹ 459
Annual ₹ 1499

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime

There are millions of various things available with quicker delivery choices, and there are a lot of them. Amazon Prime Video has a lot to offer from free music to cloud storage. For regular consumers, the subscription proves to be a good solution. You can recoup the cost via rebates and discounts with only a few transactions. If you don’t mind waiting for regular delivery and don’t watch Amazon specials, Amazon may not be the best option. The benefits and drawbacks of Amazon membership will help you make your final decision.

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