BGMI iOS Download Links For iPhone, iPad

Links to BGMI iOS Downloads for iPhone and iPad Mobile Battlegrounds India: Within a week of its launch on Android platforms in July 2021, Battlegrounds Mobile India became a significant hit on the Indian market. The Gaming business has published the BGMI iOS version on August 18, 2021, with an upgrade to the PUBG with Krafton in charge this time.

Article BGMI iOS Release Date, Pre Registration, Download Links

BGMI iOS : Latest Release Update

The Kraton developers business just launched the Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI) on the Android Platform across the country. The debut of Battlegrounds Mobile on Google Play has caused a lot of buzz among Apple users. Given the positive feedback generated by the Android version, Krafton has confirmed that the debut of BGMI  is on the cards. 

Latest Update BGMI iOS Launch: 

According to the most recent information, the BGMI iOS Version was launched on August 18, 2021. You can get it from the link below.

Kronten, a well-known gamer who regularly reviews the game on his official YouTube channel, has stated that iOS players may anticipate the game to be released on August 20, 2021. Check out what he had to say about the BGMI’s launch date and time down below:

BGMI iOS Version Key Highlights

BGMI iOS iPhone Pre Registration and Space

The Krafton developers are likely to release the full version of the BGMI Game now that the Beta and Full-time game versions of the BGMI APK have been removed. As a result, there is no need to register for the BGMI game ahead of time. However, it is necessary to create and link the account through the social media server.

Currently, the BGMI requests 689 MB of disc space on the Android smartphone. Which will increase to 1GB after the materials are downloaded. Because Apple iOS devices have a higher resolution and a heavier operating system, the initial launch of the BGMI iOS Version will be between 1 and 1.5 GB. As a result, gamers must have sufficient space available for the game’s installation.

BGMI iOS Download Links For iPhone, iPad

The download link for the Battleground mobile india iOS version is available, and the procedure is the same as for Android users. To learn more about the BGMI  version download criteria, follow the steps below:

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official website is a must-visit for all game enthusiasts.

You will now see the BGMI homepage display in front of you.

In the front, you will see ‘INDIA KA BATTLEGROUNDS ‘if you scroll down.

When you click the Download Now button, a new Android OS/ Apple iOS partition will appear.

Users on iOS should click the BGMI Download Now button to take them to the Apple iOS store.

You will download the iOS version to your device after you click the install button.

To Download BGMI iOS Version- Click Here.

BGMI Expected Upgrade

The BGMI iOS version, like the BGMI Android version. Slated to include a slew of new features over the previous PUBG. The following are some recent feature updates:

There is a new HANGAR Arena Map for fresh tactics, training, and deathmatches.

This time around, the Battle experience is more detailed, and new things and weaponry in the artillery are available.

BGMI iOS: Streaming Free Launch Party

Battlegrounds Mobile India held one of the most stunning launch parties of 2021 on July 6. The BGMI has received widespread positive word of mouth, with a record 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.5* within the first four days of its release.

The Krafton has announced a prize pool of Rs 6,00,000, including an intense battle between notable PUBG players such as Mortal, Ghatak, Jonathan, and many others. The Launch Party will take place on July 8th and 9th, 2021. the will stream the Party on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official channels for iOS and Android users.

BGMI iOS Customer Support

BGMI’s Customer Support service is available to all gamers, whether they use iOS or Android. You can ask about any purchase-related problem, server connection error, cheater report, general question, or system download problem. All the customer has to do is go to and fill out the form.

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