How to Improve Your BGMI Gameplay


BGMI is the most popular game in the world right now. BGMI Gameplay The servers are crashing, people are spending hours in-game, and the game is even played in the Olympics. But if you’re still struggling to find your way to glory, here are some tips for improving your performance in BGMI.


BGMI Gameplay Rule 1Find the right gear

Paying a bit more money and buying a new rifle or an armor piece won’t always get the job done. You need to know what kind of weapon is most effective against what kind of opponents and how you play, to get the most out of it. BGMI Gameplay For instance, if you want to win on Al Peninsula (one of the maps available on BGMI: Global Offensive), you need to know that your favorite rifle, AKM, is better at long range, but is slower at close range, AK-74.

If you’re trying to find out which weapons are best for your play style, the HUD will help you a lot. Watch a live video from BGMI on www. Paying attention to information that appears on the HUD, such as a bullet type, is one of the best ways to get a better experience with the weapons you’re holding.

Rule 2Stay calm and collected

In BGMI, the first few minutes of every match are the most crucial for your survival. You are the only one on your team with the task of protecting your blue zone and get yourself to safety. BGMI Gameplay Do not panic and stay calm. Also, learn to manage your funds. Spending your entire life savings on expensive weapons does not help you at all in-game, nor does it improve your play in any way. Rule 3Stay patient In BGMI, there are too many options to choose from. Choosing the wrong option means you are dead. So you have to choose carefully and wait before making a move. If you’re not good at it, you’re gonna die. Don’t try to rush it. Rule 4Guns are better than grenades We’re very much against using grenades in real life, so why would we be so harsh in BGMI.

Rule 3Be patient

This is the most important rule for BGMI and it can help you complete a lot more kills in a game. You’re playing in a zombie apocalypse, and you’re surrounded by hundreds of other players so you’re going to be taking some potshots. BGMI Gameplay Take your time and don’t be impatient. You should always be aiming for the head and torso, as opposed to shooting the legs. Rule 4Dive into cover When facing an enemy, always dive into cover. This will allow you to create some distance between yourself and your enemy while also keeping you safe. Diving will increase your visibility and will make it harder for the enemy to hit you, so your best bet is to try and stay in the open as much as possible. When you’re first starting out, you can get away with walking around the corner and then heading into cover.

Rule 4Do not feel pressured

Because it’s an online game, the pressure is always on. But remember that you can be better at the game if you want to be. Don’t force yourself to play against people who can’t handle the game. You will burn out fast. Also, keep in mind that online players are not your real opponents. BGMI Gameplay When you face them in the arena, you won’t be able to pick your keyboard to match their gloves, and even if you can guess they’re holding a rifle, it’s not like they’re going to fall for the lure of stealth. You can easily lose a match because of your weak performance alone. Therefore, you shouldn’t be playing BGMI competitively. Focus on your own game, and you will become better in the long run.

Rule 5Stay hydrated

We know that a lot of games aren’t technically therapeutic, but it’s hard to deny that drinking water is good for you, and it helps to keep your core temperature down when you’re running around. BGMI Gameplay Also, if you’re playing for a long period of time, you’re probably going to get thirsty, and then it can make you feel dizzy or faint, and it’s much better to drink water than to risk dying because of dehydration. Also, we don’t mean just drinking water from the reservoir every time you have a few spare seconds. You should actually drink it throughout the game. Level the playing field This is more of a goal for your team than it is for yourself, but when you’re starting out it’s important to make sure that no one feels unfairly advantaged by their position.


If you’re still struggling to get started, check out the video above to learn how to use strategies that have been developed by professional players. Do you have any tips for playing better in BGMI?

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