How To Win Easily At BGMI Gameplay

The Top 10 Tips For Winning More Matches

1.Play the game, not your device

2. Remove unnecessary apps

3. Don’t use your phone while driving

4. Use the 3-second rule

5. Play in team

6. Be careful

Have you ever played BGMI and thought to yourself, “I’m not winning enough matches”? It might be because you’re not playing the game well enough. Here are ten tips to help you win more matches in BGMI.

Play the game, not your device

Game addiction has become a severe problem among gamers. So, the next time you start playing BGMI, don’t forget to use your device’s Airplane mode. Game addiction can get out of control if you’re stuck in a game that you can’t get away from for hours. A perfect example of how game addiction can get out of control is the viral post from a British kid who’s almost completely blind. He’s racked up a whopping 85 hours in-game just by using his iPhone as a makeshift GPS. Would you please not use your phone while driving? This might sound funny, but it’s a severe issue for a lot of gamers.

Remove unnecessary apps

BGMI has many apps to download for quicker access to different services such as the map or settings. Excessive smartphone use can affect your gaming experience by slowing down your device and draining battery power. When you’re playing a match, you don’t want to have to be switching between your maps and settings. If you need to use those functions, either wait for your partner to end or turn off the app completely. This will help you enjoy the game more without spending extra time searching for your icons. Don’t use your phone while driving. Police in Surrey, U.K., told local news that the number of distracted driving-related crashes doubled in 2017.

Don’t use your phone while driving.

You’re competing in a high-intensity game that requires your full attention to be able to win. If you’re distracted, you’re only hurting your game. That said, if you’re still on the road, take your phone out of the car and leave it at home. BGMI Don’t click away from the action when the competition begins. Don’t click away from the motion before the battle begins.

You will get points for every match you win, but your team’s progress may be delayed if you hit the Next button too soon. Set your screen to HDR (High Dynamic Range). Don’t be fooled, and your screen can get a lot brighter than this. BGMI Play around with the brightness of your phone screen to make it easier to see. If you don’t have the option to change your screen brightness, try a smartphone with an auto-brightness function.

BGMI Use the 3-second rule.

Yes, it’s a different rule for you to remember. But, according to BGMI, you’re still allowed to take that extra three seconds to make sure you’re safe and look at the optimal view of the entire map before you launch your next shot. Don’t be too close to the action. Playing near the action allows you to spot enemy players before they spot you.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out which direction to head in, at least aim in an order where you know you can pick up that enemy. Disable your screen This one is important. BGMI If you have to plug in your phone, plug it in. You’re not playing the game anymore, remember? Leave your phone alone. Use your head. Don’t die. Don’t use your butt to play the game.

Play in teams

This is probably the most important thing you can do in BGMI. You’re most likely to win matches with other people playing with you. With 2v2 teams, you’ll usually be on the offensive while your teammates stay safely behind you. Be careful. It’s always dangerous to go out into the streets of Sanhok with your friends. Many players get killed by the wild animals, making it very difficult to get loot and other items. And don’t forget about the more than 200 other players out there.

The game has a slow start, with just 12 vehicles and 120 weapons, which means it’s easy for someone to run over you with their car and get you killed. Use your phone This is probably the most controversial advice on this list, but don’t you dare play BGMI without your smartphone.

Be careful

You probably know this already, but be careful while playing BGMI. Players are constantly going on vacations, moving house, having family crises, and being busy all the time. Sometimes they’re away from their devices for a month or more, and that might be the reason they’re not winning as much. Don’t be that player. Sometimes players will call you a ‘cheat’ for not playing in the same world as them, but it’s pretty often that if you only play by the rules, then you’ll end up winning more matches. Respect the game. It can take a lot of time to win a game, and that’s why you mustn’t waste time being on your device. Players that are very good at the game know what they’re doing, and they play the way they want to. Respect the game and its strategies.


PUBG has been around for many years and has hundreds of millions of active players. The game has garnered a following across multiple gaming platforms. BGMI  has taken the battle royale genre to a whole new level. As you can see, it has generated a lot of interest among new and old gamers alike. But there is a lot more to learn about BGMI  if you’re interested in learning how to play the game. If you’re not interested in that, then here are some other articles you might find helpful.

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