Moz Pro Premium 2022

What Is Moz Pro?

Moz Pro is a prominent all-in-one SEO software suite that includes tools for increasing search engine exposure. Link Explorer, Keyword Explorer, and Rank Tracker are some of the most important functions.

Key Features

Link Explorer (replaces OSE)

Link Explorer recently replaced Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Moz Link Explorer

It’s essentially the same as the old OSE… but with a MUCH bigger index.

(35.5 trillion links to be exact)

Let me show you how it works:

First, type your site or a competitor’s site into the tool:

Moz Link Explorer – Enter URL

And you’ll get a report on that site’s link profile:

Moz Link Explorer – Report

Here’s what all the stuff on this page means.

First up, we have Domain Authority:

Moz link explorer domain authority

This is Moz’s method of assessing the link authority of a whole site, rather than a single page.

As a result, the more high-quality links referring to your site, the higher this number will be.

My Domain Authority is 67, as you can see.

On its own, this statistic doesn’t tell you anything.

However, if you ALSO check at a competitor’s Domain Authority, you can instantly evaluate how you compare.

When I enter one of my SEO competitors into Link Explorer, I discover that their Domain Authority is identical to mine:

Moz Link Explorer – WordStream Domain Authority

Which means I can probably rank for the same keywords they already rank for.

Next, let’s take a look at “Linking Domains”:

Moz Link Explorer – Linking domains

Again, this isn’t that useful on its own. However, it is a quick and easy approach to compare your site to your competitors.

Moz linking domains comparison

The third key feature inside of Link Explorer is “Top Pages”:

Moz top pages

This measure displays the pages on a site that have the most link authority (what Moz refers to as “Page Authority”):

Moz – Top pages by page authority

So if you want to see what type of content has worked for your competitor (in terms of backlinks), “Top Pages” is SUPER helpful.

Moz’s Link Explorer also offers a “Spam Score”.

Moz Spam Score

Spam Score is Moz’s way of figuring out how spammy a site’s links are.

For example, my site has a Spam Score of 6%:

Moz – Backlinko spam score

This feature is far from flawless. It does, however, offer you an indication of whether or not a site’s link profile is legitimate.

Then there’s Link Intersect.

Moz – Link Intersect

Connect Intersect, as Moz puts it, “finds out which sites link to your rivals but not to you.”

What is the benefit of this?

You DON’T want to contact sites that already link to you if you’re undertaking a link building effort.

Instead, you want to contact people who connect to competitor websites… but haven’t yet linked to you

And Link Intersect makes it simple to locate these link opportunities:

Moz – Link Intersect – Backlinko and WordStream

Overall, Link Explorer isn’t as robust as what you find in Ahrefs. But it’s a solid tool that’s improving (in terms of index size and features) every month.

Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer is basically a brand mention monitoring tool.

However, unlike other applications, Fresh Web Explorer allows you to search for recent references rather than passively scraping the web and alerting you when they locate one.

Moz Fresh Web Explorer

This is a really handy small feature.

I can’t count how many times I’ve set up an alert for a popular phrase or keyword… only to have to wait days for a report

For example, a while back I published this post about mobile SEO:

Mobile SEO Guide Post

And I knew I’d want to share my new piece with folks who write on this subject.

However, I did not have an alert set up for phrases such as “Mobile SEO” or “Mobile Optimization.”

Instead of waiting, I can go straight to Moz and obtain a list of mentions in 10 seconds:

Moz fresh web explorer "mobile SEO" alert


My only complaint is that Fresh Web Explorer does not locate as many mentions as I would want.

For example, when I search for “Backlinko” mentions in the previous month, Moz returns only one result:

Moz – Fresh Web Explorer Backlinko alert

And BuzzSumo found 10 mentions over that same timeframe:

Moz – Fresh Web Explorer – BuzzSumo Alert

As a result, Fresh Web Explorer is beneficial for content marketing and link development. However, it is not as strong as other mention tracking solutions available on the market.

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is the best overall feature in Moz Pro.

On the surface, Keyword Explorer works like most other keyword research tools on the market.

You type in a keyword.

Moz Keyword Explorer – Enter keyword

And get a list of metrics on that term… and new keyword ideas.

Moz Keyword Explorer results for keyword "link building"

So what makes Keyword Explorer different?

Three reasons:

First, the monthly search volume numbers are more accurate than most other tools:

Moz Keyword Explorer Monthly Volume

This is due to the fact that Moz does not just grab data from the Google Keyword Planner.

Instead, they rely on real-world user data to estimate how many people search for that phrase each month.

Second, the additional stats you DO receive are quite valuable.

On a single page, for example, you may view a keyword’s difficulty and organic CTR.

Moz Keyword Explorer – Keyword Difficulty and Organic CTR

Plus, Moz grades every term with a “Priority Score”.

Moz Keyword Explorer – Priority Score

Priority Score makes it simple to focus on terms with the optimal mix of search volume, organic CTR, and competitiveness.

Finally, Keyword Explorer is fantastic in coming up with new keyword suggestions.

Moreover, unlike most other tools, you don’t merely obtain variants of the same term.

For example, among the keyword possibilities for “Paleo Diet” are a few long tail variations:

Moz Keyword Explorer – Generate keyword ideas

But they also give you a bunch of keywords that are related to that topic.

Moz Keyword Explorer – Related keywords

(And because these “underground” phrases don’t appear in most other keyword tools, they won’t be very competitive.)

Furthermore, you may quickly save these phrases into keyword lists for subsequent analysis:

“Explore By Site”

This is Moz’s version of SEMRush.

In other words:

It shows you keywords that your competitor’s already rank for:

Moz explore by site

And you can use filters to easily find terms that have a certain search volume or competition leve.

Moz explore by site filters

Site Crawl

This is Moz’s built-in SEO audit feature.

Moz site crawl

Site Crawl provides a wonderful blend of powerful capabilities and an intuitive user interface when compared to other programmes I’ve tested.

Site Crawl, for example, categorises problems it discovers as “Critical” or “Warnings”:

Moz – Site Crawl Issue – Categories

That way, you can quickly find and fix important technical SEO issues right away.

And it analyzes more than the usual “Page blocked by Robots.txt” stuff.

Site Crawl also reports on “Content Issues”. In other words, this report lets you know about thin, duplicate or slow-loading content on your site:

Moz site crawler content issues

As anyone that’s been in the SEO world for a while knows: duplicate content and thin can be REALLY hard to find.

(This is especially true for large websites with tens of thousands of pages.)

And “Content Issues” makes locating these issues a breeze.

Rank Monitor

Moz’s Rank Tracker is an excellent tool for rank tracking.

Moz Rank Tracker

Yes, you obviously see where you rank in Google.

But Moz also tells you how many keywords moved up or down:

Moz Rank Tracker keyword movement

And your overall search visibility:

Moz overall search visibility

My only complaint about this feature is that it only refreshes once a week. It’s not a big problem, but it would be wonderful to be able to see my keyword ranks every day.

Page Enhancement

Page optimization is exactly what it sounds like:

It’s analyzes your site’s on-page SEO.

To use it, type in a URL and keyword that you want to rank for:

Moz Page Optimization

And you’ll get an overall “Page Score”:

Moz – Page Optimization Page Score

This score estimates how well-optimized that page is for that specific keyword.

And it’s pretty spot on.

For example, when I analyzed this page optimized for “SEO Tips”, it confirmed that my content was well-optimized for that term:

Moz – Page Optimization – Actionable SEO Tips post – Helping


However, the suggestions under “Hurting Your Score” weren’t as insightful:

Moz page optimization actionable SEO Tips post hurting

For example, it suggested that I was “keyword stuffing”…

Moz – Page Optimization keyword stuffing

despite the fact that I only use my target term twice in 3,500 words.

(This excludes material in the comments area.)

So that was unquestionably a false positive.

I could have also utilised more specific advice on how to resolve issues that arose.

For example, one issue mentioned in the study was “Optimal Use of Keywords in Header Tags.”

Moz – Optimal use of keywords in header tags

However, it did not inform me whether I was using two H1 tags on the page… or whether my single H1 tag need attention.

Fortunately, I know how to manually check these things. However, I can see how these tips may be perplexing to someone who is new to SEO.

On the plus side, “Content Suggestions” was really helpful:

Moz – Content suggestions

It’s a list of topics that high-ranking pages cover in their content. And if you cover these same topics in your content, you might get a rankings boost.

For example, for the keyword “SEO Tips”, Moz recommended that I cover subtopics like:

  • Keyword research
  • Social media
  • Backlinks
  • Technical SEO

Very cool.


MozBar is a Chrome extension that gives you link data (like Domain Authority and Page Authority) inside of the SERPs:

Mozbar SERPs

The MozBar’s free edition is somewhat restricted.

However, Moz Pro users receive complete data on link and on-page SEO analytics.

For example, when I search for “SEO tools”, I can see how the first page competition stacks up:

SEO Tools SERP With MozBar


Insights is basically a to-do list of things you can do to improve your site’s SEO.

Moz Insights

Moz Pro bombards you with analytics and statistics.

This is useful if you’re an SEO expert who knows everything. However, if you’re new to SEO, the data in Moz Pro might be overwhelming.


(You’ll need the help of an SEO expert for this.)

However, it does highlight factors that can make a difference.

For example, the number one recommendation for my site was to obtain the Featured Snippet for “SEO Tools”:

Moz Insights – Featured Snippet Advice

Given that I rank first for that phrase, I have a strong possibility of having my article featured in the Featured Snippet. A strong recommendation.

It also informed me that some of the pages on my site have a low mobile PageSpeed score.

Given the importance of PageSpeed for SEO, this is something I should probably address.

Campaigns by Moz Pro

Campaigns collects all of the data from your Moz account and displays it in a dashboard:

Moz Pro campaigns

This is really useful if you handle SEO for a variety of companies. Instead of checking in and out of Google Analytics, a single page provides a high-level summary of each site’s SEO performance.

Pricing for Moz Pro

Moz’s price starts at $99/month for a “Standard” plan and goes all the way up to $999/month for a “Premium” plan.

Moz Pro Pricing

(The essential characteristics of all four schemes are the same. The biggest distinction is the number of keyword reports, page analyses, and keyword searches you may run each month.)


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How does the pricing compare to competitors (such as SEMRush and Ahrefs)?

Moz’s lowest tier, on the other hand, is slightly less expensive than Moz and Ahrefs.

(It also includes a 30-day free trial.)

Moz Standard may be a decent alternative for you if you’re on a low budget.

Moz Pro is a terrific buy in terms of sheer value. It does not have as many features as Ahrefs, but it is substantially less expensive.

Ahrefs may be the ideal alternative for you if you’re an SEO expert. It costs more than Moz, but it offers a larger and more recent link index (plus a host of other cool features).

However, whether you’re new to SEO or a small company owner looking for a good deal, you can’t go wrong with the Moz Pro Standard plan.

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