PS5 India Restock: PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders

The PS5 will be restocked again by Sony this month. Press materials from Sony reveal that the next round of pre-orders for the current-gen PlayStation system in India will begin on Wednesday, February 22 at 12pm. Pre-orders for 4K Blu-ray disc drive–equipped bundles and individual devices will be available soon. For the second time since the first PS5 launch in India, Sony has restocked supplies after a significant demand surge, after the pre-order event on February 7. There was a setback in getting your hands on a PS5 due to worldwide chip shortages caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, but things seem to be looking up.


This year, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said at CES 2023 that players will have a “easier experience” tracking down a PS5 at their local stores. While its effects on the Indian market were not yet known, the console and its peripherals were readily available for purchase at a number of local retailers and even the Mumbai Comic-Con event. The India Gaming Show runs for three days, and Riot Games, developers of League of Legends and Valorant, will be present as well, according to games analyst Rishi Alwani. The Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, event will continue through February 18.

PS5 India Restock: PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders

The fresh supply of PS5s will be available for pre-order on Amazon, Croma, Flipkart, GamesTheShop, Reliance Digital, ShopatSC, and Vijay Sales on February 22. However, pre-order banners/advertisements have yet to appear on any online shops.

The PS5’s pricing skyrocketed in November, with the disc version going for Rs. 54,990 and the Digital Version retailing for Rs. 44,990. This is an increase of 12.5% and 10%, respectively. Sony explained the price increase in certain areas, including Asia-Pacific, in a blog post published last August. The company blamed the global economic situation and rising inflation rates.

The Sony Center PS5 retail website at the time of this writing just allows you to input contact information to be alert when supplies are available. No changes made to the shipment information since the last replenishment, which indicate that orders will begin delivering on February 21. In addition, it provides a delay notification in the event that certain areas are under lockdown or curfew. Recently, consumers had little options to choose from when making a purchase, but Sony India shattered that norm earlier this month by providing not one but two different PlayStation 4 bundles: a God of War Ragnarök edition for Rs. 59,390 and a disc-drive-only model for Rs. 54,990.

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