Pushpa: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Reviews, Story

Pushpa is an Action film set for release on August 13, 2021. The movie stars famous child actor Allu Arjun and Fahadh actress Rashmika Mandanna. It also features Om Puri in an extended cameo role. The film’s story revolves around the life of six-year-old Pushpa, who has to single-handedly take care of her grandmother and younger siblings after their parents pass away. Pushpa must leave school and work hard to earn money for their survival. She uses her ingenuity and courage to overcome the many hurdles she faces with humour, warmth, and perseverance.

Pushpa Trailer 

Pushpa’s story revolves around the struggles that an innocent kid endures after her parents die. He had to go to school, and his entire family suddenly loses all their money and decides to shift to a different city. He does not want to leave school as he is good at maths. The kids look after their grandmother while the old lady looks after them how. This child’s ingenuity helps to find money to survive forms the rest of the movie. The debutant director has done an excellent job with this film, and he has managed to make it enjoyable. The movie has some tricky moments, but it also has moments when you are in for a surprise. The animation is quite impressive. The plot has also present in a way that will make it easy for kids to follow.

Pushpa: Release Date & Cast

The story of Pushpa is said to be inspired by actual life incidents. The movie is being directed by Abhishek Jha and written by Rohit Shivram. Pushpa Trailer, The trailer of Pushpa begins with a little girl eagerly waiting for her father to pick her up from school. After a series of events, she returns home to a drunkard father. He is greeted by his two drunkard brothers and a massive mansion that needs renovation. The little girl then must take care of all the household chores. Her brother dies shortly after birth, and she has to take care of her two elder sisters. The film’s songs have by Mohit Chauhan, Shraddha Jaiswal, Arijit Singh, and Vidya Iyer.¬†

Pushpa Reviews and Rating

Pushpa movie will hit the theatres on August 13, 2021. The film will clash with Maatr on that day. As per the reports, Pushpa is likely to earn Rs 4 crore from its theatrical rights. The audience’s Pushpa film review and rating on Rotten Tomatoes: Pushpa is direct by Deepak Shivdasani. The screenplay is by Umesh Jodha, Seema Khopkar, and Rohan Mehra. The movie also has a co-producer, Sudhir Mishra. The film has produced by Sandip Joshi, Sunanda Joshi, and Sarwat Gillani. Popstar Vibha Nagar & Shebheri Nirauliya.. Pushpa also features Shebheri Nirauliya and Vibha Nagar.

Pushpa: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Reviews, Story

Pushpa’s grandmother runs a small grocery store with the help of Pushpa’s brother and sister. Pushpa comes from a low-income family. They do not have enough money to afford food and send their kids to school. In her desperation to help them, Pushpa takes up a job and becomes the grocery store owner. Pushpa and Other Family Members Pushpa lives with her younger siblings. Two of her siblings, Deepak and Vicky, are from her father’s previous marriage. Her grandmother Maa Durga, running a fruit stall, is also an essential family member. Pushpa Makes her Grandma Tempted Pushpa meets Ram after her graduation and becomes the proud grocery store owner. She makes Ram follow in her footsteps.


The Story of Pushpa is well crafted, and the scripting is commendable. It might not be a movie for all kids, but it certainly will touch the heart and create a positive impact. We highly recommend you watch this one with your kids. The trailer is nothing to write home about, but we are looking forward to the film’s release next year. Pushpa releases on August 13, 2021.

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