The Junk Food’s Risks Cause and Effect

Junk food is defined as foods that include a high sugar, sodium, and fat concentration. Such foods often contain few nutrients, and some are devoid of any nutritional value. The term “junk food” refers to fast food, and many individuals, particularly in today’s culture, prefer it over other options.
Fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s have seen tremendous growth because many individuals get hooked on junk food just because it tastes delicious. However, despite their widespread appeal, junk foods are associated with some health hazards, including sickness and despair. They also contribute to obesity and financial hardship in specific individuals; thus, taking a sweet bite may signify people excavating their graves with their teeth.

Harmful Effects of Junk Foods

People who consume junk food run the risk of developing heart disease. Junk food has a high concentration of fat and cholesterol, which contributes to the blockage of the coronary arteries. Once the arteries are obstructed, a person may suffer from heart attacks, which may result in death or cause a stroke, among other complications.

Because of this, they are overindulging in fast meals such as chips might result in mortality risks and chronic lifestyle illnesses that are expensive to cure. To provide an example, I have an uncle who has developed gout due to regularly eating roasted pork, which has been related to the condition. He now has to cope with joint discomfort and other health issues such as high blood pressure, among other things. As a result, junk foods should be avoided to limit health hazards.

Obesity is another issue that is exacerbated by junk food consumption. OBEDIENCE: Obesity is defined as excessive weight gain often induced by a high caloric intake. According to reports in the media, many individuals, including youngsters, are suffering from obesity due to bad eating habits. Obesity is a risk factor for several illnesses.

I’ve seen fat children and adults in my neighborhood, and the youngsters cannot participate fully in games with their peers because they are too sluggish to keep up with them. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that some youngsters make fun of them, which must be hurtful and detrimental to their self-esteem. For example, the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama, has been in the headlines for her crusade against childhood obesity. As a result, junk food should be avoided at all costs.


The consumption of junk foods has a detrimental effect on the brain’s health. The nutritional value of many fast meals is low, and it may cause the brain to age and shrink more quickly than it should. Some individuals experience mood changes, despair, and insomnia due to the toxic ingredients. Growing youngsters are affected by junk meals since their IQ scores plummet, and they become unable to concentrate.
Furthermore, junk meals harm normal cognitive functioning as well as thinking abilities. For example, my 10-year-old cousin is hooked on junk food and has low attendance and performance in school. Furthermore, he is pretty aggressive, and, as a result, he cannot keep up with the outdoor activities that the other cousins play since he exhausts his energy quickly.

Furthermore, fast food is expensive and might burden a person’s financial situation. Eating out regularly is costly. Cooking at home may benefit them, particularly if they prepare nutritious meals.

I have a guy who seldom eats with his family because he likes to dine elsewhere. When he is at home, he gets fast food consumed in his bedroom. As a result, eating fast food puts a burden on one’s finances and deprives one of crucial time spent with one’s family.

However, Who cannot overlook the dangers of overindulging in junk food, one must make a conscious choice to eat healthfully, and if one must indulge in junk food, one must do it in moderation.

I believe that parents should educate their children on how to consume nutritious meals to continue to practice these excellent eating practices as they grow up. Furthermore, greater awareness is required to inform people about the risks of junk foods to not excavate their graves with their teeth.

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