VLC media player banned in india

Visiting the official website of the cross-platform VLC media player is now illegal in India. The Windows operating system no longer permits access to the free mobile streaming media player. There has been no official word from the government as of yet. The blockage has, by the way, been in place for close to six months. This policy went into force in the first few months of the year. It is possible that in February of 2022, the platform was block together with fifty-four Chinese applications. Find out why Indians who use the free media player VLC should not worry about its ties to China.

VLC media player’s ‘Chinese connection’

No, the VLC media player is not a China-based software. It is an open source software from France-based group. According to some cybersecurity experts, the Chinese hacker group named Cicada used VLC to deliver malware. According to cyber-security researchers at Symantec, the Cicada victims in India, the US, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong and several other countries. The researchers at Symantec found that the China-based attackers used VLC Media Player to install malware on compromised devices. The attack is claim to back by the Chinese government.

Where is the VLC ban

The videolan.org website, which contains the VLC media player, censore in the Windows operating system. This prevents access from devices using the Windows operating system, such as laptops and desktop computers. When trying to access the VLC website, a warning reading “The site can’t be accesse” is shown.

Why VLC users need not worry: Three big reasons

Anyone interested in using the VLC media player should not worry too much. To begin, the VLC app may be found in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. All three major mobile networks (Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel) were tested. Two, those who have already installed the programme on their computers may keep using it. Finally, version 3 of the VLC software is fully functional and can be download for Android TVs. We tested it on a selection of Android-based televisions, and it proved to be universally compatible.

What is VLC

VLC is widely used for the fundamentals because to its compatibility with several audio and video compression techniques and file formats, including as DVD-Video, Video CD, and streaming protocols. This programme has the ability to convert multimedia files and broadcast them over a network. VLC’s modular architecture is typical of multimedia frameworks, making it simple to add support for new file types, codecs, interfaces, and streaming protocols through plugins.

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